Revolution 1

The revolutions are a series of short animated 360 degree revolutions of arrangements made within Sketchup. I began using Sketchup not just as a tool to help me create artworks in the real world but also as a site for artworks to exist exclusively within.

The contextless space of the 3D modelling program provides a unique spatial disorientation that challenges our basic natural reaction to establish relationships and meaning from what we are seeing spatially.

When I first began using sketchup there was a default set of 2D people and objects which I used for these initial revolutions. These ‘default’ samples that are intended to populate architectural models to provide references to scale and use and to lend a feeling of being lived in to a virtual architectural often seem disjointed and out of place within the scene.

Within this first revolution I wanted to focus solely on these ‘readymade’ characters and to attempt to create from the contextlessness an unnerving set of possible meanings.

Studio Revolution 001 20080505 008

Studio Revolution 001 20080505 006

Studio Revolution 001 20080505 004

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