Pecha Kucha Dublin #4

In February of 2010 I spoke at the Dublin Pecha Kucha #4, organised by the Irish Architecture Foundation and hosted by the Sugar Club. I spoke a bit artist initiatives and how we as artists might be seeing the economic downturn as an opportunity rather than a catastrophy. In the last few years Dublin’s art scene has exploded to become a thriving and vibrant space of creative activity. Alot of this activity has emerged from lower rent in the city and the willingness (read as ‘necessity’) of many property agencies to engage with cultural and creative groups to keep their spaces in use.

Pecha Kucha Night #4 (in aid of Haiti): 4 February 2010
Brian Ward, Lecturer in Architecture, DIT / Detail, Graphic Designers / Elizabeth Hatz, Architect and Curator of ev+a / Gemma Tipton, Writer on Art and Architecture / Hugh Campbell, Professor of Architecture, UCD / Ivan Twohig, Artist / Keith Walsh, Lord of t-shirts / New Graphic, Graphic Designers / Steve Simpson, Illustrator


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