On the Inbetween

Project: On the In Between
Year: 2010
Collaborators: Alison Carey, Ivan Twohig
Exhibition: On the Inbetween, Entreé, Bergen, Norway

Studio Ontheinbetween 20100806 004

On the In between was a collaboration between myself and Alison Carey. Having been invited to exhibit at Entreé gallery in Bergen Norway we decided to play with the problem of transporting work to Norway. We received a grant from Culture Ireland that specifically allowed for the transport of work, flights and accommodation. The grant did not allow for the creation of work only the transportation of the work and so we made the work be the transportation of itself.

The resulting work focused on the maximum baggage allowance dimensions allowed by the airline. The width multiplied by the height multiplied by the depth of each item could not exceed 150cm.  We created a series of 4 crates. Each crate was different in shape yet the specific dimensions of each resulted in their width,height and depth equalling 150cm. Inside each crate was a block of styrofoam packaging. Each block of styrofoam was sliced using a hot-wire to divide the block into sections. The artworks were defined by the manner in which each crate was positioned, panels removed and placed on the floor of the gallery.

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